Transforming the world by making it a Secure, Private and Safe place for our customers.

Research shows that the average global cost of a data breach is four million US dollars, and fines for regulatory non-compliance can quickly add up to billions of dollars. At Concentrix Innovation Labs we develop enterprise grade software products that reduce exposure to new threats, control costs, avoid non-compliance penalties, and ensure your organization’s data and privacy are protected.

We help customers to manage the challenges at two strategic levels.


With many companies embracing the work-at-home model, there is a tremendous need for IT applications and solutions with a much higher level of security – to protect the company, the brand and the customers from fraud, cybercrime & privacy violations. We have proactively developed industry leading capabilities because we recognize that the new remote work from anywhere model has a longer-term and more pronounced place in customer experience management.

Our solutions enable delivering work-at-home customer services with highest level of security & governance applied to IT infrastructure, Data, Applications, User Access and User Behaviour, while protecting Customer Privacy. We use distributed AI & ML-based models to proactively secure systems, detect threat patterns, prevent data exfiltration and respond to any breaches.

Fraud Management

Our intuitive solutions constantly map the customer behavior to detect any potential breach of trust. The fraud management solutions in the highly specialized domains like BFSI and Healthcare, help our customers to critically look at the data points and patterns and flag potential threats across the business areas.